Concrete is another strong asset in the Orlando Excavation's arsenal and it is the foundation on which all project rest. Having decades of experience building anything from foundations and retaining walls to sidewalks and footings. Our team of concrete workers will take on most any applications that your project requires with skills and proficiency including but not limiting to:

-  Factory and warehouse floors

-  Concrete slabs

-  Dumpster Pads

-  Loading docks

-  Retaining walls

-  Bridges

-  Culverts

-  Heavy Duty Concrete Pavement

-  Sidewalks

-  Curbs

-  Building Foundations

-  Concrete Demolition


Quality /grading and Paving comes down to two important factors, the right equipment and experienced operators.

With our variant job appropriate line of equipment and experienced operators and crews we can effortlessly transition all the way from grading a project quickly and efficiently to providing full asphalt paving for the site. It is just another example of our ability to meet the ever changing needs of our clientele from start to finish. Keeping everything in-house streamlines our costs allowing us to provide the best pricing available and the variations of grading and compaction equipment we have access to aids us in adjusting to any and all encountered conditions.


Orlando Excavations Inc. for more than 15 years has been involved in snow removal services. Working for a variety of Commercial Owners plowing shopping malls, plazas and homeowners developments, we have become adept at keeping business running efficiently no matter what the environmental conditions encountered.

From our satellite offices in the heart of Bloomfield our trucks and equipment can be mobilized and crews dispatched to handle any snow contract you wish to propose. We have large capacity front-end loaders that are outfitted with large snow pushers or snow blades to suit any application and our mobilized force combines with trucks equipped with industrial sanders and various snowplows can handle any and all specific conditions led by our experienced Supervising Personnel.

Having our own material pit and having solid relationship with surrounding vendors allows us to always stay in solid supply for any of your abrasive treatment needs throughout the winter season. So if you are interested in providing your employees and/or tenants with a clean, safe environment during Connecticut's harshest winter months, please send and email to


Orlando Excavations Inc has been providing exemplary service to all areas the Northeast for over 30 years. Our company's structure is designed to grow and shrink to meet all of your onsite needs without fail and provide such at a minimum cost to you.

When combine this ability with the wealth of experience you find your project and your site in a capable hands, ready to meet all your site preparation needs from initial clerance to brush removal and demolition. Your site will be prepared thoroughly and the first step toward your project's vision will be filly and competently  realized.


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Complete Site Work Development

Orlando excavations Inc. is intent on assisting you from beginning to end when it comes to your project and its exemplary execution. That's why we have worked hard to shape our company to tackle all of your onsite needs from initial clearance of your lot, to moving thousands of cubic yards of dirt to shape your site, to utility infrastructure installation, in house paving and ultimately final site cleanup. It is our goal to provide you with a go to partner who can meet and exceed your vision on a day to day basis at a cost you can afford.  Below yo u will find just a short list of the services you can expect from us, but keep in mind we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to whatever circumstances we encounter and regardless of your needs that inherent quality aids our company in consistently meeting all challenges presented in a complete and timely fashion.


- Site Clearing & Grubbing

- Site Demolition

- Erosion Control Installation

- Site Cuts & Fills

- Site Concrete Flatwork and Curbs

- Precast Concrete, Granite, and Cast-In-Place Curbing Installation

- Modular Block Retaining Wall Construction

- Precast Concrete Paver Installation

- Landscaping

- Drilling and Blasting


- Site Drainage Installation

- Site Water Line Installation

- Site Sanitary Sewer Installation

- Combined Sewer Overflow Separation

- Pumping Stations

- Electrical & Gas Line Excavations & Backfill

- Underslab Utility Excavation


- Structural Excavation

- Gravel & Processed Base Installation

- Roadway Reconstruction

- Pavement Reclamation

- Pavement Milling

- Pavement Installation